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The Asociación Española de Codificación Comercial (“AECOC”) is a Spanish association with registered office in Barcelona, Ronda del General Mitre, 10, and NIF (Tax ID): G-
08.557.985. AECOC is registered at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in the Statutory Deposit service of the Sub-Directorate General of Programming and Administrative Action. You may contact AECOC at any time by sending an email to the following address: info@aecoc.es.

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      1. Liability for the functioning of the Website
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        AECOC is authorised to temporarily suspend, without giving prior notice, the total or partial access to the Website in order to carry out maintenance, repair, update or improvement operations.


    If you have any questions relating to these Terms of Use, you can contact us through our Customer Services, by sending an email to sas@aecoc.es, or by calling the telephone number +34 932543440 within the customer service opening hours (from Monday to Friday: from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm, except on national holidays in Barcelona).

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    2. Without prejudice to the rights that may correspond to you as a consumer, for
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